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Prophetic Counseling Intensive – Module 2 – Audio


This is the companion audio to Prophetic Counseling Intensive – Module 2 Notes.


PCI 2 covers the following subjects:  Panic Attacks, Anger Issues, Depression, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Self-Mutilation, and In-Utero Wounding.  Dr. Kathy shares from over 30 years of counseling and ministry experience to help you understand the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physiological components of the above topics.  These practical explanations and “how to’s,” along with prophetic insight can help equip you to minister/counsel someone dealing with the above issues.  Dr. Kathy takes the mystery out, breaks it down in understandable terms and gives tested and proven means and methods of bringing healing and freedom to people suffering from the above issues.

Topics include: panic attacks, depression, anger, rage, addiction, eating disorders, self harm and in utero wounding.

11 teachings with more than 8 hours of teaching!


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