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Prophetic Counseling Intensive – Module 1 – Audio


This is the companion audio to the Prophetic Counseling Intensive Module 1 Notes.


In this Module, the topics of the difference between secular counseling, Biblical counseling and prophetic counseling, hearing God in the ministry/counseling room, the importance of “you” in the process, the need for intercessors and intercessory prayer, elements of a good interview, the ministry/counseling room, setting guidelines, using the gifts of the Spirit and prophetic insight in the ministry process, the difference between excavating and building, the three stages of ministry/counseling, vow, word curses, bitter root judgments, soul ties, soul battles and birth assignments and trauma work.

This Module was designed to give basic understanding related to elements of the ministry/counseling process and to help bring understanding of how to incorporate not only Biblical principles, but the presence, anointing, seven-fold Spirit of God, gifts of the Spirit and the the ability to hear God in the ministry/counseling room.

This Module will help you incorporate a spiritual element in your counseling process or, if you are ministering to others with no formal training, it will give you a framework to enhance your spiritual gifting and prophetic abilities.

This audio teaching includes 17 MP3s totaling more than 7.5 hours of training!

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