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Restoring Sexuality – Module 1 – Notes


These are the companion notes to the Restoring Sexuality Module 1 MP3s.


In this Module, the topics of important statistics, shame-fear-control cycle, sexual interviewing, sexual imprinting, sexual abuse, sexual addiction and repressed memories are discussed related to personal ministry/counseling individuals dealing with sexual issues.

The Restoring Sexuality Module is important because many people come presenting other issues such as eating disorders, cutting, depression, anger, marital problems, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, etc. which actually have underlying sexual abuse or sexual damage issues at the root system.  It is also critical knowledge and understanding to facilitate ministry/counsel for those who have specific sexual issues related to sexual deviancy, fetishes, frigidity, addictive behaviors and other risky sexual behaviors.

This Module will build your faith, enhance your interviewing skills, give you specific tools of ministry and help you feel comfortable and competent when dealing with sexual issues.


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