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Vision & Purpose

The vision for the School of Prophetic Counseling is to help individuals through an online presence learn how to access the power and voice of God and the gifts of the Spirit in the ministry/counseling room.  It also aids those who are already moving in those dimensions with understanding, expertise, technique and specialty knowledge in order to enhance their results.

With online access, the School of Prophetic Counseling can reach people on a global level with advice, wisdom, experience, faith-building testimonies and training that could take years to learn on their own.  It also provides resources that have been reviewed and found to support the purpose of helping people find true freedom, redemption and restoration in a practical way that has personal, family and community application.

Disclaimer:  The School of Prophetic Counseling is not an accredited school.  It’s purpose is to provide classes to individuals who are called to minister healing, restoration and recovery to the Body of Christ.

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